How to Work with Your Community to Save Energy...
Everyone wants to save energy and working together as a community can be a great way to reduce everyone's fuel bills and energy use, but it's not always easy to know how best to go about it. Although there are plenty of options - solar power, wind generation, insulation, energy saving devices and the like - there hasn't been a "one-stop" UK resource to offer impartial advice on saving energy as a community.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: Whitehills Community Wind Power: A Case Study, Going Solar on a...
Community Projects
Community Projects: Keeping a Community Energy Diary, Community Benefits of Energy...
Energy Sources
Energy Sources: What is Micro-Generation?, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Coppiced...
Energy Tips
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Facts & Trivia
Facts & Trivia: Understanding Fuel Cells, Composting: What You Might Not Know, The...
FAQs: The Facts About Wind Power, Wood Burning and Environmental Impact:...
Getting Organised
Getting Organised: Get Education & Training, Liaise with Community Stakeholders,...
Quick Quizzes
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Resource Efficiency
Resource Efficiency: Community Composting Projects, Reducing Community...
Saving Energy
Saving Energy: Five 'Must-Have' Devices Guaranteed to Help Save Energy, Saving...
Self Help Ideas
Self Help Ideas: Work With Local Shops to Conserve Energy, Involve Local Schools in...
Latest Comments
  • Swifty
    Re: What is Micro-Generation?
    Good afternoon, I'm looking to change my career and micro generation is something that's always interested me. I'm struggling to…
    20 February 2017
  • Daisy
    Re: General Energy Saving Tips
    I am a Community development worker in Oldham , covering an area notoriously bad at recycling. The local Council are repairing the…
    8 July 2016
  • EnergySavingCommunity
    Re: Set Up a Community Swap Shop
    C.J. - Your Question:Hello,I’m researching an idea for a community project involving groups that swap or share ‘stuff’. I am…
    6 May 2016
  • C.J.
    Re: Set Up a Community Swap Shop
    Hello, I’m researching an idea for a community project involving groups that swap or share ‘stuff’. I am therefore interested in…
    5 May 2016
  • Nic
    Re: Coppiced Willow for Energy
    @george - I may be able to help. I am from Rothamsted Research with 23 years of experience in energy crops and part of the Willow…
    9 February 2016
  • pam
    Re: Solar Energy Facts & Trivia
    advise on rechargeable lithium battery power from already installed solar panels
    13 July 2015
  • Helen
    Re: Community Energy Networks
    The idea of energy saving communities sounds great; have any rural communities taken on the challenge?
    14 May 2015
  • EnergySavingCommunity
    Re: Insulation Facts & Trivia
    @Terry - I have included the Which information guide to different types of loft insulation
    17 April 2015
  • Terry Davis
    Re: Insulation Facts & Trivia
    I have about 6inches of insulation under my boarded loft. I do not want to increase it due to upheaval as I use the loft for…
    17 April 2015
  • aej_1
    Re: Understanding Power Distribution
    How is it possible to feed locally generated electricity into the national grid? Phase, potential difference and impedance…
    12 March 2015
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